Beyond the Weekend

March 23 | Road to the Cross

March 23, 2018


When they came to the place called the Skull, they crucified him there, along with the criminals—one on his right, the other on his left. Luke 23:33

Read: Luke 23:32-46

Listen: Luke 23


Jesus was betrayed, abandoned, beaten, mocked and executed. For the past few weeks, we’ve been getting acquainted and reacquainted with Jesus. The Jesus of the Bible—not the cardboard or plastic Jesus. We’ve tried to imagine the sting of a close friend turning him over to the religious authorities. We’ve reflected upon one of his best friends claiming not to know him. Jesus was fully human with real feeling and emotions. At the same time, Jesus was the Christ. He was God with us.

We can often slip into thinking about Jesus as one-dimensional. We forget he had feelings. We don’t remember he had friends. We see him as a stained glass window or walking around with a strange glow. Jesus was a real person who walked, taught, ate, suffered and died. He felt the same emotions we feel. He has been there. When we are betrayed, we can remember Jesus was as well. When we are alone, we know Jesus understands what that feels like. Jesus was also God. Death couldn’t defeat him—instead he broke death. His death paid the price so we could have life.


Reflect upon your view of Jesus. Think about how you have been acquainted or reacquainted with Jesus through the first three weeks of the series. Is there a sermon you want to go back and watch? If so, you can access them at As you’re becoming acquainted or reacquainted with Jesus, are there some questions you would like answered? If so, we would love to have a conversation with you. You can email us at

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