Beyond the Weekend

May 16 | Compounding the Damage

May 16, 2018


And though she spoke to Joseph day after day, he refused to go to bed with her or even be with her. Genesis 39:10

Read: Genesis 39:6-10

Listen: Genesis 39


The Bible describes Joseph as “well-built and handsome” (Genesis 39:6b). We would say he was “ripped.” Apparently, he had six-pack abs long before that was a thing.

As he worked in the house, Potiphar’s wife noticed him. “[She] took notice of Joseph and said, ‘Come to bed with me!’” There was nothing ambiguous about the invitation. It was clear and direct.

It would have been easy for Joseph to rationalize the situation and accept the “invitation.” After all, he “deserved it,” right? He was hated and betrayed by his brothers, sold to a nomadic caravan, taken to a foreign country and now serving as a slave to an Egyptian official. With all that he’d been through, he could have easily taken this liberty and had a good time.

Watch the video clip below where Senior Pastor Jeff Manion reminds us that when we’ve been hurt, we can justify damage we cause to others. Especially when it involves those who hurt us—a company on our way out, a friend who humiliates us in social media or an insensitive spouse. We can say, “I deserve this” as we compound the damage and pain.


Joseph refused to compound the damage, and so should we. We read that he ultimately “ran out of the house” to escape the situation. Sometimes we need to leave the situation physically. Go for a walk. Take a scenic drive. Or head to a coffee shop for your favorite drink. When you’re “out,” take a moment to thank God for his protection and pray for wisdom as you move forward in this situation.

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