Beyond the Weekend

July 13 | A Warning

July 13, 2018


Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly. James 3:1

Read: James 3:1-2

Listen: James 3


James is a leader in the early church and has a warning for other leaders. He tells them they are held to a higher standard. James understands people like to be seen as important. They argue about positions in the church because they care what others think about them. They don’t want to teach for the right reasons—they just want the prestige.

We can find ourselves wanting to serve for the wrong reasons too. Maybe we do things because we want people to see us doing them. Maybe we want to lead so we can get our way and have people do things we want them to do.

James’s words are a warning we need to heed. Serving in the church is important, and we are all called to serve. But, we need to do it for Jesus and not because we are chasing after prestige. The more visible our service, the more influence we may have. The more influence we have, the greater responsibility we have to point people to Jesus. That’s what James is telling his people when he says leaders are held to a higher standard.


Consider those you influence. Some of us have large circles of influence, and some of us have smaller circles—but we all have people we influence. Ask God for opportunities to use your influence for him. Pay particular attention to how you speak to those you can influence as you wrap up this week.

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