Beyond the Weekend

July 19 | Authentic Faith Trusts

July 19, 2018


Was not our father Abraham considered righteous for what he did when he offered his son Isaac on the altar? James 2:21

Read: James 2:20-24

Listen: James 2


James reminds his readers about Abraham to further describe authentic faith. Following God’s command to leave his home, Abraham trusted God and moved. With God’s promise to bless Abraham through his children ringing in his ears, he continued to trust even though he was getting old and had no children. Ultimately, God fulfilled his promise by giving him a son named Isaac. It was this very son that God asked Abraham to put on an altar and sacrifice.

The truth is that God had no intention of allowing Abraham to kill Isaac. Stopping Abraham just before he followed through, God just wanted to know that Abraham trusted him. Authentic faith trusts.

We like a faith where we are in control, where we know the outcome and we get what we want.

Authentic faith in God doesn’t work that way. It requires us to surrender our hopes, dreams, fears, time, money and talents into God’s hands.

A life fully trusting God will change the way we spend our weekends, how we treat others and even what our retirement looks like. Many of us are willing to trust God with some parts of our lives, but few of us are truly willing to trust him with all of it.


As you spend some time in prayer, ask God for insight to help you discern whether you’re living a life fully trusting him. Spend five minutes prayerfully reflecting, “What areas of my life might I not be trusting God?” Then ask God to help you trust him with not just part—but all of your life.

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