Beyond the Weekend

July 23 | Rough Road Ahead

July 23, 2018


Be patient, then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming. James 5:7a

Read: James 5:7-11

Listen: James 5


One of the reasons James wrote this letter to early Christians is because they were encountering “rough road.” They lived in challenging times of discrimination, persecution, and poverty. Not only were the challenges coming from governmental and cultural bias, but they were also coming from within their own Christian community. One challenge included some of the wealthier farmers actually cheating workers out of their daily wages.

Instead of being a Christian in name only, James encourages these Christians (and us) to persevere (James 1:12). Being in God’s family of believers doesn’t ensure us a trouble-free life. It’s easy to develop a false sense of security that being a Christian will protect us from hardship. Jesus himself endured discrimination, persecution and even death. As we journey down the road with him, there will certainly be “rough road ahead.”  The way we respond corresponds with putting our faith into action.

This week we will unwrap four “cautions” that help us navigate the “rough road ahead.” They are where to focus, what to recognize, what needs repairing, and what we need to leave to God.


Consider where the road is rough in your journey. Offer God your heart and trust praying, “Father, I trust you with all the circumstances of my life, good and bad. I desire to honor you and draw close to you in all of my situations.”

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