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July 26 | Repair Broken Things

July 26, 2018


You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near. James 5:8

Read: James 5:8

Listen: James 5


When the road gets rough, James encourages his readers to stand firm and put their faith into action (James 1:22). Because the Lord’s return is near, he wants us to have the conviction that he is “at the door.” And because he is at the door, that means we need to act, whether we are in good circumstances or tough ones.

“The Lord’s coming is near” has both the nuance of imminence (it could happen at any time) and proximity (it is already happening around us). Watch the video clip below as East Paris Pastor Bob King explains a brief history of the world, and how Jesus came to repair our brokenness—and will come again. He gave us his Word (Bible) and his Holy Spirit to aid him in this process.

Instead of complaining, those who navigate suffering well seem to have a knack for serving others in the midst of their difficulties. They watch for broken things, both small and large, to repair with Jesus. As small as bringing a cup of coffee to a colleague who is under the pile.  Or, as large as committing to partner with a teenager needing a mentor. Choosing to reach outside of yourself and serve others allows God to redeem your trials and difficulties.


Think of one person you can serve this week by looking beyond your own problems as you trust God to be a part of Jesus’s purpose to restore this fallen world.

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