Beyond the Weekend

July 30 | Blessing and Misery

July 30, 2018


Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you.  James 5:1

Read: James 5:1-6

Listen: James 5


The first century Christians grew in numbers rapidly, spread throughout the world, and experienced great persecution and hardship. Yet in the midst of all of this, they completely transformed the ancient world. In part it was due to the challenge of one of their leaders, a man named James. He challenged them to have a faith that works—and many rose to the challenge.

We can do the same today in West Michigan. When we honor God with our money, suffer well, pursue authentic faith and are careful with our words—that is a faith that works. It transformed the ancient world and can transform our lives, city and world.

In James 5:1-5, James calls out wealthy landowners who are mistreating those who worked on their property. This weekend, Student Ministries Pastor Aaron Buer connected this to how we handle our resources—our money, stuff and time. We can manage our resources in a way that invites blessing on ourselves and others. Or we can manage our resources in a way that invites misery on everyone.

This week, we will reflect on four practices that invite God’s blessing into our lives and the lives of those around us as we practice being people who don’t just hear the word—but do what it says.


As you start the week, reflect on the opportunity for blessing and misery through the use of your resources. Is there a new step you should take now? We have partnered with several local ministries to help you share your resources by serving, praying or giving. Visit for more information. Then download the lock screen below to remind you to do—rather than just listen.

Download a printable PDF of the BTW week here.

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