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August 28 | The Past

August 28, 2018


How can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a foreign land? Psalm 137:4

Read:Psalm 137:1-4

Listen: Psalm 137


The psalmist admits that when he was in exile, he stopped singing. His Babylonian captors were mocking the Israelites to sing their old songs of the glory of Zion (another word for Jerusalem). Jerusalem was the city of God and was synonymous with his splendor and power. The pain of failure and captivity caused them to weep for what they had lost. But the added contempt and cruelty of their captors was too much. They hid their instruments in the trees and stopped singing to God. Their response didn’t model faith, but it was very real and human.

In last weekend’s sermon, Pastor Bob King asked the question, “When did you stop singing?”  What hurt did you encounter in your past that has caused you to hang up your harp and turn to weeping, away from God? Maybe your business failed, a relationship ended, you were cut from the team, or your parents divorced? To process pain, we need to identify its source, the thing that caused us to turn away from God and stop singing. Understanding can be the start of healing and trusting God again.


Sometimes, the source of our pain is obvious. At other times, it’s like peeling back a layered onion. If you know why you’ve stopped singing, tell God and ask him for help (Psalm 46:1 and Job 5:11). If you’re not sure, we would love to come alongside you and provide some help. Contact us at

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