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August 31 | Future Justice

August 31, 2018


Remember, Lord, what the Edomites [Babylonians] did on the day Jerusalem fell. Psalm 137:7a

Read: Psalm 137:7-9

Listen: Psalm 137


The psalmist does not forget the terrible things done to his people when Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians. He writes one of the most horrible verses in the Bible. In the future he hopes the Babylonians will experience the same terrible things his people experienced (Psalm 137:9).

The words of verse nine show us the pain, suffering and humanity of the psalmist. It’s okay for him to cry out his feelings to God. But it’s not okay for him to take vengeance on his enemies. He’s not telling God he’s going to get revenge but is saying he won’t mind if God does. He models to us an honesty with God that relinquishes judgment to an all-knowing God in his timing.

Last weekend Pastor Bob King reminded us that God’s own Son was tormented, crushed and broken. He posed the questions, “What if the most horrible thing that happened to our songwriter also happened to God? What if God knows exactly what our pain feels like?


The most defining moment in your life is not what happened to you, but what happened for you. Jesus died for our pain and the pain we cause others. He is the One who will ultimately bring justice to every painful situation you face. Thank God today that he died for you.

If you’ve never personally accepted his payment for your wrong-doing, tell God today you believe it. Lay your burdens at the cross and trust in God for his peace. If you want to learn more about accepting Christ, email us at We’d love to start a conversation.

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