Beyond the Weekend

September 3 | The Shepherd

September 3, 2018


The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.  Psalm 23:1

Read: Psalm 23

Listen: Psalm 23


Psalm 23 is perhaps the most well-known psalm. Written by King David about 3,000 years ago, it tackles one of the central issues in life—satisfaction. Dissatisfaction is not just a challenge we face; people have been facing it for thousands of years. In Psalm 23, through the lens of sheep and shepherds, David takes his audience on a journey to four different locations and reveals what a satisfying life looks like.

This week we will unpack the four locations and how they apply to our lives. Through the pasture, we learn God asks for our humility in recognizing we can’t find the satisfying life on our own. Through the path, we see God asks for our obedience because the way of Jesus is the best way to live. Through the valley, we begin to understand that there are times when God leads us to danger and through it. We are never promised an easy or safe life. Through the home, we recognize that God offers us extravagant generosity as a hospitable host. What God offers is so great, we should never want to leave.


Read through Psalm 23 in The Message. As you read, note two or three words that connect with you today. Reflect on those words and thank God for them. Download the lock screen below as a reminder of today’s verse.

Download a printable PDF of the BTW week here.

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