Beyond the Weekend

September 17 | Jesus as Healer

September 17, 2018


At that very time Jesus cured many who had diseases, sicknesses and evil spirits, and gave sight to many who were blind. Luke 7:21

Read: Luke 7:18-23

Listen: Luke 7


Illness and death are all around us. It was no different in Jesus’ time as crowds swelled around him because of his healing power. On one occasion, four friends hack open a roof to lower their paralyzed friend on a litter down to Jesus. The house is so full they can’t get in the door (Mark 2:1-12). Jesus’ healing demonstrates his compassion and his power as he heals the frailest members of society.

It is likely we know someone who received a dire diagnosis or is trying to figure out what is wrong. We still confront serious health issues even though medicine has improved tremendously. We may find ourselves looking to the Bible and thinking, “Jesus healed then. Why isn’t he healing today?”

While Jesus’ healing ministry shows his compassion and power—it also points to some greater truths. The healings prove who Jesus is, provides a taste of what is to come, and challenges us to be a community of healers. We see Jesus is God, that God will make all things new, and that we are either helping heal the world or breaking it more.


Read Chapter Four of the book A Doubter’s Guide to Jesus today with a pen or pencil in hand. Underline/highlight things that are significant to you. Finally, download the lock screen below as a reminder to be a healer through your actions.

Download a printable PDF of the BTW week here.

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