Beyond the Weekend

October 3 | Messiah

October 3, 2018


Peter answered, “You are the Messiah.” Mark 8:29b

Read: Mark 8:29

Listen: Mark 8


In today’s verse, we see Peter got it right. When the spotlight focused on the disciples, he was quick to respond. “You are the Messiah.” The title “Messiah” was a royal title used in the Old Testament to refer to the God-appointed kings of Israel (see 2 Samuel 22:51). In New Testament times, it meant the great deliverer and ruler, a military Messiah and the One to free them from Rome. That’s what the nation expected. But after following Jesus for nearly three years, Peter knew the answer. With clarity and conviction, Peter proclaims Jesus to be God’s Anointed One—the Savior of the world. Not the military hero the Jews were anxiously awaiting. But the One who was so much more.

We’re probably not looking for a military Messiah today. But we might be looking for a Messiah. Maybe it’s a financial Messiah to solve your debt problem. A relationship Messiah to provide you with friends. A career Messiah with your dream job. Or an athletic Messiah to make you the star. Don’t be surprised if you fall short every time find yourself looking for one of these Messiahs.


Do an honest assessment of who Jesus is for you. In your journal, write this question, “What are my expectations of Jesus?” Make the list as complete as you can. As you review the list, determine if the Messiah you desire is more like the one the Jews wanted, or the one Peter declared. Then pray a prayer like this, “Father, help me to see Jesus as the Messiah he is and not the one I want him to be. Help me to live in the light of the Anointed One.”

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