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January 2 | I Have A Mission Here

January 2, 2019


Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have called you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper. Jeremiah 29:7

Read: Jeremiah 29:7

Listen: Jeremiah 29


It wasn’t enough for the Israelites to live and do well in Babylon. God had something more for them to do. He wanted them to seek the well-being of the Babylonians. They were to serve and honor the same people who conquered them, killed their friends and hauled them 900 miles away in captivity. Unwanted space was now accompanied by unwanted tasks. The well-being of the Israelites was tied to the well-being of the Babylonians.

It’s the same for us. Our well-being is somehow tied to those we encounter in unwanted space. This means that God calls us to let go of bitterness, revenge and resentment. Even towards those who were responsible for placing us in this space. Instead, we’re to serve them, pray for them and forgive them. This can be especially difficult if we don’t “feel” like doing it. We need to understand that often feelings follow actions. Our responsibility then is to do.


As you invite God into your day today, identify the person who is the “Babylonian” in your life. Maybe this is the person who forgot you, discouraged you or let you down. Begin to seek their well-being by sending them a note, email or text telling them you’re praying for them and that you hope they have a joyous and prosperous New Year.

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