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January 22 | Life Alone

January 22, 2019


There was a man alone; He had neither son nor brother. Ecclesiastes 4:8a

Read: Ecclesiastes 4:8

Listen: Ecclesiastes 4


The man is alone. He has no family and doesn’t even take time to enjoy his stuff. He works and works to get more and more. He appears wildly successful and very driven. Some might look at him and be a bit envious. But, in reality, he is “bankrupt” relationally.

Is this you? Do you look around and see you eschewed relationships to pursue something else?

Our culture tells us having a successful career is more important than good friends. It tells us life is about experiences and you are fulfilled when enough people like your photo (carefully staged) on Instagram. But our culture has lied to us. It causes us to be relationally poor because we are preoccupied with work, adventure or entertainment.

We discover life in relationship. God created us for relationship with him and other people. Food doesn’t taste as good alone. A fast car isn’t as exciting alone. Backpacking Machu Picchu isn’t as rewarding alone. Likewise, growing as a Christian doesn’t happen alone either. Life is better when we share it with others.


At the top of your journal, write the word “Preoccupied.” Under it, begin to list some of the things in your life that keep you from developing meaningful relationships—things like your work, TV, smartphone, working out or chasing experiences. Write down a few ways you can readjust your priorities to help create a better connection with people. Then find someone you can encourage today. Write a note, say an encouraging word or text to help build that connection.

Download a printable PDF of the BTW week here.

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