Beyond the Weekend

February 18 | Enjoy Life & Live Without Worry

February 18, 2019


So then, banish anxiety from your heart…for youth and vigor are meaningless. Ecclesiastes 11:10

Read: Ecclesiastes 11:9-10

Listen: Ecclesiastes 11


During the past five weeks, the author of Ecclesiastes (probably King Solomon) has impressed upon us that life is no more than a fleeting vapor that dissolves in sunlight. He says the source of our unhappiness comes from trying to find meaning in monotonous and temporal things. While your life’s ultimate purpose shouldn’t be found in wisdom, pleasures and work—it can be found in the giver of these gifts, God alone. He also teaches that we can’t control life’s circumstances, but we can choose to depend on God to develop our character through the things that cause us to mourn.

At the end of these life lessons, Solomon now leaves us his summary of what is most important. His final words are as vital now as they were then—enjoy life today and live without worry about the future. The template he gives us to do this rests on the character of God and four roles he performs in our life—Creator, Shepherd, Judge and Savior. This week we will examine each role to help frame our trust.


Pastor Aaron Buer says, “A false pursuit of happiness has made us a nation of nervous wrecks.” Begin this week by talking to God about the things that worry you. Offer him each one with an open heart and mind. Ask him to show you how to enjoy to the fullest each new day he gives you.

Download a printable PDF of the BTW week here.

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