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February 27 | Rescued for a Reason

February 27, 2019


So God looked on the Israelites and was concerned about them. Exodus 2:25

Read: Exodus 2:23–25

Listen: Exodus 2


God rescues his people from Egypt about 500–660 years before the time of Ahab. The book of Exodus recounts this story.

In the following years, God takes the ragtag group of rescued people and turns them into a strong nation. They aren’t just rescued from slavery—they are rescued for a reason. God plants his people at the crossroad of three continents. As caravans traveled through Israel, they were to notice a people who were different. A people who worshipped a God without statues, honored property rights and human life, took care of their elders and prioritized their marriages. They were rescued to show the countries around them the greatness and goodness of God. Instead, they drift and end up like everybody else.

God rescues us for a reason just like Israel. When we accept the free gift of rescue offered by Jesus, it isn’t just a ticket out of Hell. Jesus welcomes us into his family, and we take his name. We are rescued to reflect the Creator of the universe to those around us. Jesus tells his followers, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” (John 13:35).

The tragedy of spiritual drift is that when we move away from Jesus and rely upon other things, our Creator is seen less through our lives. We end up like everybody else.


At the top of a page in your journal, write “Rescued For.” Journal about ways God is calling you to be different than the culture surrounding you. Write about any instructions God gives us in his Word for how to live and relate to those around us. Write down three things you could start doing this week to reflect that difference.

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