Beyond the Weekend

April 1 | God’s Reputation

April 1, 2019


Now the king of Aram was at war with Israel. 2 Kings 6:8a

Read: 2 Kings 6:8-23

Listen: 2 Kings 6


It was still a dark spiritual time in Israel. Not only is the nation repeatedly raided by the Aramean army, but Israel is nowhere close to being the people God intended. By placing them at the crossroads of the Middle East, they were supposed to be a light to all who passed through. In their worship, trade and relationships with each other, they were to be different. It was a difference that was supposed to show the nations who God was and how a life with him was the best life possible. But this isn’t the case. At this moment, under the threat of enemy raids, God’s reputation continues to be trashed and tarnished.

While Israel wasn’t living out their purpose, God is working behind the scenes to make sure they would. One of the things we’ll see this week is that it doesn’t take many people to make a difference. In this situation, God uses just three—a prophet, a servant and a king—to do the right thing and reestablish his reputation.

God is still concerned about his reputation. We, as his followers, can trash and tarnish it. Responding in bitterness and anger, neglecting the poor and needy and involvement in immoral activities ruin God’s reputation. But even if we are, he’s already working to help us be the people he’s created us to be and, in the process, restore his reputation.


As you look forward to the week ahead, think about a situation where God’s reputation will either be enhanced or tarnished. A problematic work assignment, a hard conversation or opportunities to serve will all show God’s reputation. Pray a prayer like this as you commit this challenging situation to the Lord, “Father, I want to enhance your reputation this week. I know I need the help of your Spirit to make a difference. May you fill me with just what I need so I can do exactly that. Thank you. In Jesus name, and for your reputation, Amen.”

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