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April 10 | Blessing

April 10, 2019


Then Elisha said, “Call her.” So he called her, and she stood in the doorway. “About this time next year,” Elisha said, “you will hold a son in your arms.”  2 Kings 4:15-16a

Read: 2 Kings 4:11-17

Listen: 2 Kings 4


The woman in our story showed Elisha hospitality and treated him like family. She didn’t do it for recognition or some sort of reward. She certainly didn’t do it in hopes of God blessing her with a child. She simply wanted to come alongside the work God was doing through Elisha. Her reward was that she was being used to advance the work of God throughout her region. God blessed her greatly as a result by giving her a son after years of waiting.

When she first invited Elisha into her home, she could not have imagined it would lead to her first son. Yet, that is the God we serve. We serve a God who blesses us and seeks to bless us. In Hebrews 11:6, the author tells us that God rewards those who earnestly seek him. When we open our hearts to God, we often open our lives to his blessing as well.

This doesn’t mean that all we do will prosper or that we will never face difficulty. It doesn’t mean that we get to choose how God rewards us. And it doesn’t mean that his blessing will be obvious to us. For some, we may be blessed in character by growing closer to God, maturing spiritually, becoming more like Christ or gaining wisdom. For others, we may be blessed through resources or relationships. Some of us may never know or recognize all the ways God has blessed us. Watch this video clip as Pastor Jeff Manion speaks to those of us don’t feel like we have been blessed.


Grab your journal and begin to think about all the blessings God has poured out on you. Write down as many as can come to mind. Like yesterday, some examples could include skills and abilities, resources, relationships, growth in character or experiences. Wrap up today by thanking God for pouring out blessings on you.

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