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April 11 | Heartache

April 11, 2019


After the servant had lifted him up and carried him to his mother, the boy say on her lap until noon, and then he died. She went up and laid him on the bed of the man of God, then shut the door and went out. 2 Kings 4:20-21

Read: 2 Kings 4:18-28

Listen: 2 Kings 4


While still a child, this boy who was such a blessing to his mother, dies on her lap. It’s hard for us to imagine the incredible heartache she experienced. As we look through Scripture, we find several places where we are told to expect pain and heartache. In John 16:33, Jesus tells his disciples that they will have trouble in this world. In Acts 14:21-22, Paul tells some early Christians that they will go through many hardships. One thing seems clear—heartache and pain seem to be part of the package. Part of the package of being human and, certainly, part of the package of being a Christian.

When we allow God to mess with our lives, we’re also inviting heartache. When it comes, it’s natural for us to react similarly to the woman in our story. She rushes to Elisha and, in desperation, recounts that she didn’t want to open her heart to disappointment. She was a new mother with a child who had just died in her arms. She was not ok with what had happened and wanted answers. Elisha ultimately heals her son, but she never gets an answer to these questions. This story reminds us that when we go through heartache and pain, we serve a God who is with us and who cares about us.


Spend a few minutes looking back at a time when you experienced heartache and could feel God’s comfort. Maybe this was years ago, or maybe just yesterday. Take a few moments and thank God for meeting you there. If you are experiencing heartache right now, and feel like you need to talk with someone, please reach out to us at, and we will connect you with someone who can help.

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