Beyond the Weekend

May 10 | Provision

May 10, 2019


The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.  Genesis 3:21

Read: Genesis 3:21-23

Listen: Genesis 3


A very tender moment ensues as God finishes telling Adam and Eve about the consequences of their disobedience. He knows their reality will be painful, frustrating and empty. The work of bringing order out of chaos will continue and is not meaningless. In response, God takes the time to make them clothes.

It is easy for us to read this passage and miss this moment of God’s provision for Adam and Eve because of all the other things going on. God’s provision invites us to continue partnering with him in making order. God could have said, “That’s it, I’ll take it from here.” Instead, this moment shows us that God will provide what we need. Watch the video clip below as Pastor Aaron Buer describes how God provides what we need—allowing us to bring our best.

We easily miss God’s provisions in our lives too. Maybe you always feel behind or don’t feel equipped to do your job well. What if, even in this broken world, God generously supplies us with what we need to be faithful and find satisfaction in our work? We will still have the pain, frustration and even emptiness of our work. But at the same time, we can notice a generous God providing for our needs. This provision may be strength, wisdom, his presence, patience, or something else. With his provision, we can bring our best to the roles he is calling us.


Begin your time in prayer asking God to show you ways he has provided for you, but you have taken for granted. Write down every way God has provided for you that comes to mind. Then thank him that he is with you today and every day, giving you what you need.

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