Beyond the Weekend

June 26 | The Parable

June 26, 2019


Jesus answered him, “Simon, I have something to tell you.” “Tell me, teacher,” he said. Luke 7:40

Read: Luke 7:40-43

Listen: Luke 7


They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. She was doing that to him. While the sharp glances were uncountable, there were no words. Until the invited guest had something to say to the host. But even when he spoke, it wasn’t what anyone expected. Jesus told Simon a story. He actually told him a parable—a simple story designed to teach a spiritual lesson.

The story was about two people who owed a lender money. While one owed much less than the other, both owed significant sums which neither could pay. Amazingly, the lender erased the debts of both. At that point, Jesus asked Simon, “Who will love him more?” With all eyes on him, Simon replied, “I suppose the one who had the largest debt forgiven.”

Through the parable, Jesus takes an abstract idea and makes it tangible. Using the easily understandable concept of debt, he teaches us how we can know if we’ve genuinely forgiven someone who has wronged us or caused us pain. We can ask the question, “Who do I think still owes me?”


By reframing forgiveness in the context of a debt/debtor relationship, you can get clarity on some critical heart work that you still need to do. In your journal, write the question, “Who do I think still owes me?” If you know who that is, write their name after the question. Even though you may have previously forgiven them, you might need to do it again. Ask God for the strength and mercy to offer this forgiveness and indeed cancel this debt.

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