Beyond the Weekend

July 11 | Say No to Sin

July 11, 2019


Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. Matthew 4:1

Read: Matthew 4:1-10

Listen: Matthew 4


Jesus’ method for saying no to things that would pull him away from God centered on choosing to follow Scripture and the trustworthiness of God. This is how he resisted the devil who tempted him with the same three things he uses against us: the flesh (turn these stones to bread), the world (jump off the temple and call on angels to save you and declare your importance), and the devil himself (worship me and I will give you kingdoms and riches). Jesus used Scripture to say no to Satan and yes to God’s plan.

Some might say, “Jesus is God, so it wasn’t so hard for him to say no.” But being human was hard for him. At this point, he had fasted 40 days and was very hungry and lonely. He was just starting his ministry and had no income. By saying yes to Satan, he would have said no to God’s plan for him to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10).

If we say yes to temptation, then we say no to God’s plan to work in and through us. Jesus shows us how to resist. We have God’s Word (the Bible) to memorize and guide us. We have the Holy Spirit that indwells and empowers us when we accept Jesus. And we have the family (community) of other Jesus-followers to give us love and support.


Reflect on how well you know God’s Word and rely on his power to deal with temptation. If you are struggling, email us at so we can start a conversation.

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