Beyond the Weekend

July 18 | The People

July 18, 2019


Jesus replied, “They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat.” Matthew 14:16

Read: Matthew 14:13-21

Listen: Matthew 14


Initially heading for some much-needed R&R, Jesus’ disciples now are confronted with a huge problem. They see the crowds and realize it is a logistics nightmare. They know thousands of hungry people in a somewhat desolate area doesn’t add up.

Jesus turns it around and tells them to give the people something to eat. It is a ridiculous request considering the disciple’s resources were utterly inadequate.

The only way they could accomplish such a task is to rely upon Jesus. Jesus wants to work through them. He wants to change their life and help them depend on him.

Jesus wants the same thing for us today. He wants to change our life and show us we need to rely upon him.

Jesus gives us some instructions in the New Testament that are ridiculous to accomplish without relying on him. He tells us not to be anxious—yet we live in a culture where everyone is stressed. He tells us to love our enemies—but our culture argues about everything in person and online. He tells us we can’t love God and money—our culture tells us having more doing more things is the path to happiness. The only way to follow Jesus’ instructions is to rely upon him and work with him to change who we are. He promises to help us change if we regularly come to him.


Remember that Jesus wanted to work through the disciples. They brought him a small lunch, and he used it to feed thousands. Reflect upon where you feel inadequate and what you need to bring to Jesus. Is there an area of your life he desires to work but you refuse to lay before him? Memorize John 15:5 to encourage you to regularly rely upon Jesus.

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