Beyond the Weekend

July 23 | Mary

July 23, 2019


She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said. Luke 10:39

Read: Luke 10:39

Listen: Luke 10


Finding a spot at Jesus’ feet, Mary listens to what he said. There’s a lot packed in this little verse. In the culture of this time, women did not usually sit at the feet of a rabbi or teacher. But Jesus was different. He allows Mary to be there. At the end of the story, he even defends her for listening to him. A common theme in Jesus’ life was that he welcomes, values and elevates women throughout his ministry. Jesus includes Mary, and she chooses to prioritize him.

Some of us may wonder whether there is room for us at his table. This short passage shows us that his table includes those who usually are not included. It includes those who are undervalued and broken. It includes us. This truth should encourage and lift us up. But more importantly, it should draw us to prioritize him as Mary did.

Because we’re invited to his table, we have a choice to make. Will we pull up a chair and listen? We have so many opportunities each day to pull up a chair and listen to Jesus. Mary had plenty of things to do, yet she chose to make sitting at the feet of Jesus a priority. Have we done the same?


Things we prioritize tend to find their way on our calendar. Spend a few minutes today and look through your schedule to find a way to prioritize your time with Jesus. Maybe that means setting the alarm on your mobile device as a reminder. Whatever rhythm works for you, put it on the calendar, and work to keep it a priority.

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