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July 26, 2019


Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her. Luke 10:42b

Read: Luke 10:42b

Listen: Luke 10


In this story, Jesus responds with grace and tenderness before talking about the two sisters’ choices. He tells Martha that Mary has chosen what is better. While Martha focused on serving (a noble and kind act), she allowed the pressure, worries and anxieties to keep her from Jesus. On the other hand, Mary had chosen what was better in the same situation.

Pressures, worries and anxieties are ever-present today. So many things are battling for our attention. Often these things are very good. We have family relationships, work responsibilities, homes to keep up, papers to write and people to host at our homes. While good things, they have the potential to choke out our faith.

Even our essential tasks and roles have the potential to choke out more important things before we know it. Like Mary, we have to choose daily to do what is better. Maybe we are always busy, and our work or family time is getting choked out by other things in our life. Perhaps we are in a season with a lot of free time, and still can’t seem to make the time consistently to spend with Jesus. This story is a reminder to choose what is better.


We each have different pressures and anxieties on our lives. Spend time today thinking about where you need to choose what is better. Bring this to Jesus in prayer and ask him for his help. Pray something like this, “Jesus, I know that I have allowed ____ to keep me from _____. Would you help me as I reprioritize the better things? Thank you for this reminder today. Amen.”

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