Beyond the Weekend

August 5 | Breakfast with Jesus

August 5, 2019


Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.” John 21:12a

Read: John 21:1-17

Listen: John 21


We close the sermon series, Dinner with Jesus, at a campfire breakfast that reveals Jesus’ heart for his disciples and for us. The events of the cross had taken place a very short time before this meal. The disciples had fled the scene, and Peter even denied three times that he knew Jesus. The resurrected Jesus now appears on the beach not far from where they have returned to their old profession of fishing. At a low point in their lives, the disciples certainly didn’t expect to hear the tender invitation, “Come and have breakfast.”

We’ve seen how Jesus uses meal times to accomplish his mission and purpose. At his table, people find friendship, forgiveness and purpose. Sometimes they encounter truthful confrontation. But mostly they experience his teaching, friendship, love and acceptance. All are welcome to dine with him and there’s a place at his table for us.

This last breakfast with the resurrected Jesus is a tender scene, framed in detail that recalls previous events the disciples experienced during the time they spent with him. We will see how Jesus prepares a meal and uses it to reveal again who he is, extend his forgiveness and friendship, and restore their call to be on his team—especially Peter.


How has God impacted you in this series? With open hands and heart, ask him to show you one point of application he wants you to apply. Open your heart this week to what he is telling you through this last meal with his disciples.

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