Beyond the Weekend

August 9 | Feed My Sheep

August 9, 2019


To the elders among you, I appeal … Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care. 1 Peter 5:1-2a

Read: 1 Peter 5:1-4

Listen: 1 Peter 5


In the last meal of this series, we see the resurrected Jesus preparing and serving breakfast to his confused and hurting disciples. They have returned home to Galilee and resumed their profession of fishing, probably feeling unworthy to continue Jesus’ mission. They had deserted and failed Jesus when he needed them most.

Jesus uses a meal one more time for a meaningful conversation. Peter had asserted he would never desert or deny Jesus, then did so three times the night before Jesus was crucified. But at this meal, Jesus tells Peter he’s still on the team and recommissions him to “feed my sheep.”  Peter has been saved, forgiven and restored. To feed Jesus’ sheep is an honor and an opportunity to show his love for what Jesus has done.

Later, Peter uses this shepherd imagery to build up and encourage church leaders.  He wants them to know “feeding the sheep” is a gift. They don’t “have to” serve, but they “get to” serve. It’s the same for all Jesus-followers. Watch this video clip below as Pastor Jeff Manion explains how Jesus has a job for each of us, and it’s a privilege to serve him.


Peter saw serving as an opportunity to show Jesus his love. Consider your attitude toward serving. If you’ve fallen into a “have to” rut, ask God to restore you to the joy of his salvation and fill you with the joy of “get to” as you seek to serve him and “feed his sheep.”

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