Beyond the Weekend

September 4 | Wise Words

September 4, 2019


Whoever heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray. Proverbs 10:17 NLT

Read: Proverbs 10:17

Listen: Proverbs 10


There is great value in timely advice. King Solomon, the author of Proverbs, wrote, “Timely advice is lovely like golden apples in a basket of silver (Proverbs 25:11). Solomon was very wealthy. He understood the value of silver and gold and would have never thrown it away. Advice, he tells us, is just as valuable. Wise words give warning, direction and healing. The right words at the right time can save us from calamity and set us on the right path. Wise words give life.

Some say advice is cheap, so just ignore it. But Proverbs teaches us that ignoring advice or correction is foolish. Unfortunately, there are too many advice-givers out there. Television, well-meaning people, and social media are full of it. How do you discern what the right word is at the right time? Wise advice should line up with God’s truth and what you know is right. Prayer, God’s Word and who is giving the advice are very important.

Proverbs was written by King Solomon to give “knowledge and discretion to the young” (Proverbs 1:4). It’s an investment in younger generations. Correction doesn’t always feel good, but we need to be open to wise words to grow. The humility to listen takes some serious heart work—and the willingness to hear and take action. Proverbs challenges us to consider advice as valuable, especially from those who are older.


With open hands pray, “Father, please guide me with your advice and correction. I humbly give you permission to speak into my life. Show me when to share what you’ve taught me with others and help me do it with kindness and humility. Amen.”

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