Beyond the Weekend

September 11 | The Challenge of Repetition

September 11, 2019


So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers. Acts 16:5

Read: Acts 15:36; 16:4-5

Listen: Acts 15 and 16


“Let us go back.” Paul’s journey starts with a modest idea. Paul and Barnabas had earlier shared the Jesus-message in numerous cities (see Acts 13-14). God used Paul and Barnabas to start Jesus-communities, and Paul was concerned about them. He saw value in strengthening and encouraging these new Jesus-communities. Paul will do something big and new, but only because he chose to do something small and similar.

Our culture hates small and similar. We worship big and new, wanting the latest cars, phones and watches. Our houses, TVs and bank accounts always need to be bigger. It isn’t just stuff. We want to go to new places, and meet new people. We get bored with our friendships and seek friends who bring excitement. We bail on our small group when a better opportunity comes along. We think spending time with someone older than us isn’t important. We’re allergic to boredom and addicted to immediacy.

We miss out when we focus on newer and bigger. We miss out on lasting relationships and our greatest opportunities for influence. Watch this video clip as Pastor Jeff talks about the importance of repetition. There is something about a worthwhile life that isn’t based on the new but grounded on the old. This is especially true with relationships. If we consistently drop the relationships we have for new ones, those relationships are unlikely to help us mature.


Think about your relationships. God created you for community. That’s why we have small groups. A small group is a place for you to belong and grow. They aren’t necessarily new or exciting, but they are essential. If you aren’t in a small group, take the step to find the group right for you today.

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