Beyond the Weekend

September 13 | Multiplication

September 13, 2019


Paul wanted to take [Timothy] along on the journey. Acts 16:3a

Read: Acts 16:1-3

Listen: Acts 16


Timothy becomes a significant leader in the early church. He leads one of the most influential churches in the young Jesus-movement. He co-authors New Testament books and equips other leaders. It starts with Paul taking him under his wing. On this journey, Timothy sees how Paul lives, speaks, responds, reacts and believes about God.

Timothy is an excellent example of multiplying influence. Someone shared the Jesus-message with Timothy’s mother and grandmother (2 Timothy 1:5). They believed and taught Timothy. Timothy journeys with Paul and passes what he learns to others (2 Timothy 2:2). Paul’s investment in Timothy ripples throughout the Mediterranean world.

Multiplication matters today. Our goal shouldn’t be to do something well and then die. Instead, we should do something well and pass down how to do it. If we have navigated a season of deep disappointment, we can’t underestimate how the lessons we learned will help others. If we developed the habit of daily time with God, others could use our encouragement to develop that same habit. It must be intentional. We need to identify our Timothy.


Reflect on who should be the Timothy in your life. Write their name in your journal. Think through the types of things you want to invest in them and make a list. Take a next step to invite them to coffee, small group, lifeline or a weekend service so you can invest in them.

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