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September 25 | Kingdoms in Conflict

September 25, 2019


“These men who have caused trouble all over the world have now come here…. They are all defying Caesar’s decrees, saying that there is another king, one called Jesus.” Acts 17:6b-7

Read: Acts 17:5-9

Listen: Acts 17


Paul is putting kingdoms in conflict by proclaiming Christ is the King who saves, not Caesar. Civil authorities are in an uproar. Jewish leaders are irate when Paul declares Jesus fulfilled Hebrew law by dying for our sins, thus rendering the law powerless (Matthew 5:17). Filled with jealous anger, they form a mob and start a riot in the city.

But Paul is just the messenger. The real troublemaker is Jesus. Jewish leaders in Thessalonica are in charge of the pathway to God by overseeing Judaic law. Paul threatens their control and entire belief systems by teaching that Jews and Gentiles alike may bypass the law by going to God through Jesus.

Jesus meddles with whatever “kingdom” we’ve established. When we accept him as Savior, his sovereignty becomes a threat to our personal control. He meddles with our relationships, parenting, finances and even recreation—anything we exalt as king over him.


How do you respond to Jesus’ meddling? Pray today, “Jesus, I confess __________ replaces your sovereignty in my life. But I want you to have your rightful place as King. Help me take the first step today of giving you control. Show me what you want me to do to move forward.  Amen.” If you would like to talk through this, email us at

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