Beyond the Weekend

October 3 | How to be Anchored in the Bible

October 3, 2019


[They] examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true. Acts 17:11b

Read: Acts 17:11b

Listen: Acts 17


Consistent study of Scripture brought many to faith in Jesus in Berea. We have access to study God’s Word now in more ways than ever. We too can read the Bible for ourselves and understand it with the Holy Spirit’s help. As we do, the Gospel will shape our lives, families and communities. Three thoughtful questions will help guide us into a deeper understanding of the Bible.

What did it mean for them? Think about what people were going through at the time. How might they have felt? How do they respond? An NIV Study Bible provides more insight for hard-to-understand sections. Read a passage in multiple versions to help with confusing passages. (Try the New Living Translation, The Message, or English Standard Version in an online Bible.)

What does it mean for us today? Think about similar situations, challenges or struggles we face. Discuss the passage in a small group or with family for broader understanding. A safe community provides a place to wrestle through questions, doubt and tough topics.

How do I respond? Read through the passage and mark phrases that stand out to you. In light of the passage, is there something you need to change? Identify one action step you could take. Ask God to open your heart to how he would like to work in and through you.


Read the verses on page 19 in your Strength for the Journey journal. Circle words or phrases that stand out to you. Ask God for insight as you work through the three questions above. Write the answers in your journal on page 22 and discuss them with your small group or a trusted friend.

Download a printable PDF of the BTW week here.

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