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December 31 | Distractions

December 31, 2019


Four times they sent me the same message, and each time I gave them the same answer. Nehemiah 6:4

Read: Nehemiah 6:4

Listen: Nehemiah 6


Nehemiah deals with what feels like constant distractions as he works on rebuilding the wall. He receives the same message four times from people (opposing the work) attempting to pull him away. His response is quite simple, “No, the work I am doing is too important for this distraction.” The work of rebuilding the wall is so important that he says “no” to other things.

We all experience similar distractions. Many things compete for our attention and can distract us if we’re not careful. This summer, Pastor Kevin Harney spoke at Ada Bible about the power of the word “no.” One of his main points was that every “no” is really a “yes.”,

When we say “no” to other things, we focus on what is important. If we want to focus on rebuilding our marriage, we might have to say “no” to social media, video games or our favorite recreational sport. If we want to get control of our finances, we might have to say “no” to unnecessary expenses. If we want to have more influence on those around us, we might need to slow down our travel schedule. Distractions have a way of finding us, and we have to find a way to say “no” to pursue great work.


Spend a few minutes thinking about what you need to begin saying “no” to. Take the time to listen to Pastor Harney’s sermon or purchase his book of the same title.

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