Beyond the Weekend

January 13 | Learning to Trust

January 13, 2020


So Abram went, as the Lord had told him…” Genesis 12:4a

Read: Genesis 12:1-9

Listen: Genesis 12


It was not an easy decision to make. But Abram (eventually to be called Abraham) says, “yes” to God’s call to move. He says “yes” even though it requires leaving his country, his family and his security. He moves when no one else did, and possibly in the face of all reason and every good argument not to. In obedience to the God he did not know, Abram’s move begins his journey of Learning to Trust. It’s a journey marked by both the things he does right and the things he does wrong.

It’s the same journey God is calling us to today. God is calling each of us to “move” and say “yes” to him. It is movement centered on obedience to him. It’s also about taking the next step in our journey that will result in knowing God better and trusting him more. We learn to trust as we move.

This move can be in things both big and small. While we tend to think of big things like a relocation or new job, many times a move involves less obvious things like reducing lustful thoughts (Matthew 5:28), loving an enemy (Matthew 5:44) or reducing the influence of materialism (Matthew 6:19-20). No matter where we are in our walk with Jesus, he is calling us to “move.”


Learning to Trust starts with a willingness to move. We resist movement for many reasons, perhaps with fear at the top of the list. When we resist movement, we shut the door to deepening our trust in the God who loves us very much. If you are unsure about taking this journey, pray a prayer like this, “Father, I know you desire to deepen my trust in you. But even thinking about ‘moving’ causes me to say ‘no.’ Show me where I need to say, ‘yes.’ Remind me that you are with me. I need to move, and as I do, help me learn to trust.”

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