Beyond the Weekend

January 23 | Mercy in the Mess

January 23, 2020


But the Lord inflicted serious diseases on Pharaoh and his household because of Abram’s wife Sarai. Genesis 12:17

Read: Genesis 12:17-20

Listen: Genesis 12


One might expect God to be finished with Abram. But even though Abram apparently forgets God’s promise, God remembers. God intervenes when Abram can’t connive his way out of the predicament he caused. God sends disease on Pharaoh’s household to protect Sarai and uses Pharaoh to confront Abram with his sin. Abram then returns to Bethel, where he first called on the name of the Lord. It’s as though in returning to this place, God allows Abram to pick up where he left off. Abram ends his gap by calling on the name of the Lord again (Genesis 13:4).

Mercy can be defined as God not giving us what we deserve. God provides a path for Abram out of his problems and back to himself. He does the same for us. God might use the voice of someone unexpected (such as a co-worker or family member who doesn’t follow Jesus) to get our attention and call us back. He might use a conversation with a friend to gently show us we’ve stalled in our relationship with God. We have a choice to ignore the call to return or, like Abram, heed the voice of correction and begin with God again. Watch this video clip as Pastor Jeff Manion shares God’s mercy for us through Jesus.


Confess any areas where you have walked away from God and let him know you want to begin again. Pray, “God, I confess I’ve ignored your word and walked my own way. Here I am, just as I am, the unedited me, beginning again. Amen.”

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