Beyond the Weekend

February 4 | Can I Trust God?

February 4, 2020


“I am the Lord, who brought you out of Ur of the Chaldeans to give you this land to take possession of it.” Genesis 15:7

Read: Genesis 15:1-7

Listen: Genesis 15


Abram has no heirs. This is one of those things to cast doubts about God at the end of a long day. With no heirs, there can be no great nation. It’s a real problem that seems to cause real doubt. Instead of bottling up the doubt in shame, Abram honestly voices it to God.

God’s response to Abram is so comforting. God doesn’t chastise him; instead, he tells him more about the promise he made to him. He reassures Abram that he will have a child and his family will grow into a great nation. Amid his doubt, based on God’s promises, Abram chooses to believe.

It can be easy for us to doubt whether we can trust God today. Maybe we’ve been hurt and don’t trust God enough to give a small group a try. Perhaps growing up with very little has caused us to hoard our resources instead of trusting God with our money. Or, maybe we begin to doubt God’s goodness when someone close to us suffers a personal tragedy.

Doubt is normal. The tough part is trust in the midst of doubt. We build trust when we remember what God has done and who he is. Remembering builds trust.


Fill in the blanks of this prayer, “God, I have some doubts. I’m not sure I trust you with ____________. Please help me to remember when you did ________________. Like Abram, please help me choose to believe.”

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