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February 5 | Can I Trust Me?

February 5, 2020


Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness. Genesis 15:6

Read: Genesis 15:6-20

Listen: Genesis 15


Abram chooses to believe God, but he still has doubts. This time, they are doubts about trusting himself. Remember, he’s the guy who lied to the Egyptians about his wife (Genesis 12:13). His doubts about himself are not unfounded. He’s blown it. He doesn’t really trust himself to keep whatever end of the bargain God has in store for him.

God has something in mind. It is completely different from what Abram could’ve ever expected. Watch this video clip as Pastor Aaron Buer explains that using a meaningful ancient Near East ritual, God demonstrates that their relationship isn’t based on what Abram does. God bears the full weight of making his promises come true. God tells him their relationship is bigger than him. Abram is a part of God’s bigger plan.

In those honest moments with ourselves, we have doubts about ourselves too. We wonder if we are good enough for God. We worry we might not do quite enough to get to heaven. We feel like there’s no way God could ever love us because of what we’ve done. God’s covenant with Abram helps us see that God’s promises and favor aren’t earned. They are gifts from him. We could never earn our way into a right standing before God. Instead, the fulfillment of God’s promises to Abram through the death of Jesus on the cross makes a way to God for us. It’s something we don’t deserve and could never earn.


Memorize Genesis 15:6. Use this verse as a reminder about our part in our relationship with God. God asks us to believe him for a relationship. He doesn’t ask us to do something to earn it.

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Download a lock screen (from Monday) to help you remember the verse.

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