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March 19 | The Reckless Response

March 19, 2020


Last of all, he sent his son to them. “They will respect my son,” he said.  Matthew 21:37

Read: Matthew 21:37-39

Listen: Matthew 21


The landowner in this story decides to give them one final chance. Even though his servants were beaten, killed and stoned in their efforts to claim the harvest, there was one thing he still could do. He could send his son. He thought, “I’ll send my best representative, the one person they’ll certainly respect.” If they accepted him, all would be forgiven, and all of the debts erased. It was an amnesty program, unlike any other. But in the most violent way possible, the offer is rejected, and the son is killed.

This is the only time Jesus inserts himself so vividly into a parable. Jesus is the son, sent by the landowner (God the Father), to the rebellious tenant farmers (the religious leaders). In three days, Jesus will be killed under the direction of these same leaders. Jesus was so clear and direct that even the religious leaders didn’t miss it (Matthew 21:45-46).

Our Creator responds to us as rebellious tenant farmers, the same way—with patience, grace and self-sacrifice. Like the son in the parable, God is offering amnesty through his son, Jesus. When we place our faith and trust in Jesus, we experience God’s forgiveness for all of our rebellion and rejection.


God’s offer of amnesty still exists. If you’ve never trusted Jesus for the forgiveness of sin and the cancellation of your debt to God, do so today. If you have, thank him for sending Jesus to pay the penalty for sin you could not pay. Live today in light of this amazing relationship with your Father.

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