Beyond the Weekend

March 30 | Goodness in a Season of Loss

March 30, 2020


But Ruth replied, “…Your people will be my people and your God my God.” 2 Ruth 1:16c

Read: Ruth 1-2

Listen: Ruth 1 and 2


A famine in Israel causes Elimelech to leave his hometown of Bethlehem with his two sons and wife, Naomi. While in Moab, Elimelech dies, his sons marry Moabite women but also die, leaving Naomi widowed and completely devastated. She decides to return home, releasing her daughters-in-law from any attachment. But a wonderful thing happens. Ruth pledges to stay with her no matter what, worship her God and be her daughter for life. When they reach Bethlehem, Boaz (a relative of Elimelech) sees Ruth’s devotion to Naomi and meets their pressing needs.

This is an incredible story of goodness and hope amid significant loss. Naomi is “emptied out,” Ruth decides to stay “side-by-side” with her, and Boaz is willing to go “above and beyond.” Naomi and Ruth are two desperate women finding themselves in a place they did not choose, “the land between” tragedy and hope. Through their story, we’ll see how God demonstrates his unfailing love and provision.

Many of us are feeling emptied out during this COVID-19 crisis. Circumstances change day-by-day as we shelter-in-place. This week, we will examine the story of these three people and see what it looks like to remain faithful. We will see God calls us to radical generosity as we meet the needs of those around us. And we’ll see that God knows what we are feeling, and has a plan to use us in each other’s lives the same way he used Ruth and Boaz to uplift Naomi.


Our God is the God of hope. One way we experience that hope is through gratitude for all that he has done for us. In your journal, write three specific things you are thankful for today and watch how God blesses you as you make this a daily habit.

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