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May 7 | Life

May 7, 2020


READ Proverbs 7 (listen). WRITE out one verse and SHARE with someone.

Proverbs 7 is part of the nine lessons that open the book (Proverbs 1-9). It is the final lesson, warning against the seduction of folly. The chapter concludes with the consequences of chasing folly.


And now, Israel, what does the Lord your God ask of you but to fear the Lord your God, to walk in obedience to him. Deuteronomy 10:12a

Read: Deuteronomy 10:12-13

Listen: Deuteronomy 10


In ancient times, the protection of a fortress was often the difference between life and death. High walls keep the enemy out while an internal water source keeps those within alive. Solomon tells us, “Keep my commands and you will live” (Proverbs 7:2a). Disobedience will lead to destruction and death (Proverbs 1:32). Obedience out of godly respect gives us life and becomes our fortress when the storms of life hit, protecting us from the downfall of disobedience (Proverbs 14:26-27).

Jesus said it this way, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that [you] may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10). Trusting Jesus to give us all of what he promises becomes the fortress that secures us for eternity and leads us to the most abundant life there is to offer.

There are many choices in life that offer what we think will make life better but are disappointing in the end. During this COVID-19 lock-down, you may be thinking, “What if I had a bigger house, more savings, or a better job?” But respecting and trusting God for what we need is the fortress and fountain that protects us from what we can’t see.


A “What If” agenda may be sapping your joy. Write out John 10:10 on a notecard. Memorize it and ask God to help you keep your perspective on respecting and obeying him as you take hold of the abundant life he offers you.

Download a printable PDF of the BTW week here.

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