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June 26 | Your Imprint

June 26, 2020


READ Proverbs 26 (listen). WRITE out one verse and SHARE with someone.

Proverbs 26 is part of the second collection of Solomon’s proverbs, collected by King Hezekiah (Proverbs 25-29). This section contains vibrant and varied proverbs with many explicit comparisons. Some of the proverbs are longer in length, with two or more verses. Fools are the subject of the first part of the chapter.


Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! Proverbs 6:6

Read: Proverbs 6:6-8

Listen: Proverbs 6


Solomon knows that progress is made through ant power. He’s seen people start things only to watch them move on to something else. He challenges his readers to focus on the ant. Look at how it is consistent, persistent and repetitive. Apply that wisdom and let it bring life.

Many of us want to make an impact in our world. As Pastor Jeff Manion reminds us in this video clip, it brings us back to ant power. In the sermon, A Conversation about our City, we were challenged to make three commitments about racial injustice—Look Back, Lean In, Love Well. Looking back is being honest about our past and saying, “That happened.” Leaning in is humbly asking, “Help me see what you see.” Loving well is loving our neighbors as ourselves.

It can be easy for us to focus on these commitments for just a week or even a month. But change happens when we create a lifestyle of looking back, leaning in and loving well. It isn’t just for a season, but for a considerable amount of time. It’s ant power that grows relationships and builds trust.


Talk with God about the three commitments of Look Back, Lean In, Love Well. Have an honest conversation about how you can make those commitments. Ask him to help you see where your heart needs to move on this issue. Remember the ant, and ask God to help you apply the wisdom from that.

Download a printable PDF of the BTW week here.

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