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June 29 | What He Saw

June 29, 2020


READ Proverbs 29 (listen). WRITE out one verse and SHARE with someone.

Proverbs 29 is part of the second collection of Solomon’s proverbs, collected by King Hezekiah (Proverbs 25-29). This section contains vibrant and varied proverbs with many explicit comparisons. The wicked and the righteous are contrasted numerous times in this chapter with a powerful statement as the concluding verse.


I went past the field of a sluggard, past the vineyard of someone who has no sense. Proverbs 24:30

Read: Proverbs 24:30-34

Listen: Proverbs 24


The author of today’s story notices a few things as he passes by a vineyard. The vineyard is in terrible shape, weeds are everywhere and a once formidable stone wall now crumbles. He reflects on the ruin and realizes that decline is the natural state of things. Without slow and steady progress, there is slow and steady deterioration. A vineyard is a long-term investment. It takes up to five years after planting to yield a good crop. It takes years of cultivation for a field to become productive. The owner has to do a ton of work for years without ever seeing the results. The result of that work is a very valuable asset.

The same is true in our lives, as well. To make progress in our marriages, job, character or relationship with Jesus, we must take hundreds of small steps in the right direction. These steps often come long before we see the result. This work is hard. Progress in essential areas of our life requires a more long-term investment than making and breaking a New Year’s resolution. Like a wise vineyard owner, we keep taking steps in the right direction, knowing the results will come. We must keep at it even when we don’t see any results.


Find a quiet place to spend a few minutes with the Lord. Ask him to show you areas where you need to be challenged and where you need to take steps in the right direction. Then commit to him that you will respond in obedience to what he shows you.

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