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July 2 | The Call of Wisdom

July 2, 2020


READ Proverbs 2 (listen). WRITE out one verse and SHARE with someone.

Proverbs 2 is part of the lessons that open the book (Proverbs 1-9). It contains a four-part lesson against wickedness, starting with an exhortation to seek wisdom and ending with path imagery.


“Repent at my rebuke! Then I will pour out my thoughts to you, I will make known to you my teachings.” Proverbs 1:23

Read: Proverbs 1:20-33

Listen: Proverbs 1


“Wisdom” cries out in public, imploring people to listen. In the first chapter of Proverbs, she tells them to turn from what they are doing and follow her path. She warns them that there will come a time when she won’t be able to help them, and they will be stuck with the terrible consequences of their choice. Watch this video clip as Pastor Jeff Manion talked about the voice of wisdom and how it seems to work.

As we’ve seen throughout Proverbs, wisdom encourages us to take 100 steps along the right path. Sometimes we take 100 steps down the wrong path hoping for a quick fix. But there are no instant fixes. There’s nothing we can do to immediately repair 15 years of ignoring wisdom in our career, diet, company, marriage, finances, thought life, friends or family. Years of bad choices, dysfunction and sin leave consequences.

Jesus offers us a solution to our sin problem, but he doesn’t promise us an instant fix for the consequences.

Sometimes we get frustrated and just give up. We may even get mad at God because the consequences hurt. But “slow and steady” is the answer. The consequences won’t go away, but we still can start on a different path. We can take the first 100 steps on the wise path. That’s following the way of Jesus.


Talk to God about your life and the paths you’ve taken. Admit where you have taken the wrong path. Ask him to forgive you and thank him for forgiving you. Tell him you need his help to take the wise path. Thank him for loving you and leading you down the way of the wise.

Download a printable PDF of the BTW week here.

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