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July 22 | Believe in the Light

July 22, 2020


Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God. John 1:12

Read: John 1:9-13

Listen: John 1


Jesus first revealed himself to God’s chosen people, the Israelites. Though they had been awaiting the arrival of God-in-flesh, they didn’t recognize Jesus for who he was. They rejected him and his teaching, not realizing he was the answer they were seeking. He was the one they so desperately needed to help them find wholeness with God.

We too can look at Jesus and not believe we need him. We try to light our own way to God through good deeds, knowledge or hard work. Yet, our sin-nature works against us. From the very first humans until now, we’ve all tried to do things our own way. Too often we end up in a mess, despising our own behavior. We say we will be more patient with our kids, yet we lose our temper…again. We say we won’t drink or eat too much, yet we cave…again. We vow we won’t cross that boundary in this relationship, yet we find ourselves there…again. We can’t will ourselves into right living. Without God’s help through Jesus, we end up in the same messes over and over.

John reminds us we become God’s children when we receive Jesus into our lives. God restores our relationship with him and helps us in our weaknesses when we believe Jesus is God’s beloved, sinless son. Jesus doesn’t take us from “okay” to “better.” He takes us from dead to alive— from darkness to light. We simply need to believe he is who he says he is.


Have you stopped trying to save yourself and placed your hope entirely in Jesus? If not, tell Jesus today that you believe in him. Pray, “God, I have rebelled against you. I believe Jesus is your Son and that only through him can I have forgiveness of my sins. I am trusting in Jesus today. Amen.” If you would like to learn more about having a relationship with Jesus, send us an email to We would love to start a conversation with you.

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