Beyond the Weekend

August 31 | Decisions in Disruption

August 31, 2020


Now those who had been scattered by the persecution that broke out when Stephen was killed traveled as far as Phoenicia, Cyprus and Antioch. Acts 11:19a

Read: Acts 11:19-30

Listen: Acts 11


The Jerusalem church quickly expands after the death of Jesus. Thousands of Jesus-followers gather around the city to grow together. Suddenly, persecution ramps up. One of the early leaders is killed. Normal goes out the window for the Jerusalem Jesus-followers. Many feel they have no choice but to flee. Despite the struggle, this new normal spawns incredible growth. This week we are challenged by the account of the church in Antioch.  It’s a multicultural church started by refugee Jesus-followers.

Normal went out the window for many of us in March. Schools and businesses shut down. Hugging a family member felt like a dangerous activity. The normal of February feels long gone at this point. Despite the struggle, this season could be one of incredible growth for each of us spiritually and for Ada Bible Church.

The church in Antioch presents us with four choices we can make when normal goes out the window. The choices won’t necessarily be easy. Instead of focusing on what is changing, let’s focus on what hasn’t changed. God and his mission haven’t changed. He wants the world to come into a relationship with him.


Remember God’s mission. It can be easy to focus on what has changed instead of on the unchanging mission of God. God is calling people to himself from all over the world. Ask God to help you focus not on the change around us, but on God and his heart for every tribe, tongue and nation.

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