Beyond the Weekend

September 4 | Choose to Let Go

September 4, 2020


So after they had fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them and sent them off. Acts 13:3

Read: Acts 13:1-3

Listen: Acts 13


At the end of Acts 11, it seems like the Antioch church has a good thing going. When we turn to Acts 13, we see their new normal doesn’t last. The church leaders are praying and fasting when God disrupts their normal again to keep his mission moving forward. The church has a choice—they can be on mission and let go of Saul and Barnabas, or they can stay where they are. The church chooses to let go of Paul and Barnabas so they can go where God is going.

God may disrupt our new normal too. He may ask us to stretch a little and take a step in obedience. There will be times we have to let go of something. We may have to let go of—the way we are used to doing things, a cultural bias we grew up with, our kids as they transition to adults, always needing control or our desire for things to return to “the good old days.” A big part of following Jesus is recognizing that our tomorrows will not always be like our yesterdays. We have to learn to trust God with the future. We let go so we can go where God is going.


Commit to making the choice to let go whenever God asks you to. There may be something God is asking you to let go of right now. Give that thing to God and ask him to help you let go so you can go where God is going in your life.

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