Beyond the Weekend

September 18 | Fall Series

September 18, 2020


The beginning of the good news about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God. Mark 1:1a

Read: Mark 1:1-8

Listen: Mark 1


These past two weeks, guest pastor John Dickson has helped us answer four significant life questions. In doing so, he quickly took us through the story of the Bible from the beginning (Genesis) to the end (Revelation). But this coming weekend, we narrow our focus as we begin our fall series through the gospel of Mark. It’s called The Company of Christ.

In this series, we’ll explore Jesus’ training of his disciples for his mission. We’ll see what the disciples did well and what they struggled to learn. We’ll also learn that their challenges are pretty much the same as ours. Even though they walked step-by-step with Jesus for three years, they often struggled to put his teaching into practice. Just like us.

Throughout this series, we’ll also be doing something more. Through an easy-to-learn process, we’ll learn how to study the Bible for ourselves. Using the series journal, we’ll ask some simple questions that will help us become better learners and help us become more like Jesus. We’re doing this together as an entire church and can encourage each other along the way!


Prepare for The Company of Christ by signing-up to receive a Fall Resource Kit here. If you plan on attending a service in-person, reserve a seat here. Or watch a service at home with others with Ada Bible Church Home Edition. Most importantly, begin praying that God will powerfully meet you during this series. Pray that our church will be dramatically more like Jesus as a result of what we learn and experience together.

Download a printable PDF of the BTW week here.

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