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September 24 | The Kingdom

September 24, 2020


“The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!” Mark 1:15
Read: Mark 1:14-15
Listen: Mark 1


On page 11 in your journal, you might’ve noticed the word “kingdom” as you looked for key words or ideas to star in the text. Mark returns to this idea numerous times in the Gospel. Jesus says the kingdom of God (the time when God reigns on earth) has come. Mark shows Jesus starting that kingdom and telling people to repent.

Watch this video clip below as Pastor Jeff tells us the kingdom of God is now and yet to come. The first-century church would’ve recognized the boldness in the kingdom language. There was a powerful king in Rome, Caesar. The early believers had to ask themselves what kingdom they were building.

We have the same challenge today. We have to ask, “What kingdom am I building?” Western culture teaches us life is about us and our rights.

God’s kingdom works differently. God asks us to bring the different domains of our life under his control. Instead of parenting for our own pride, we parent to point our kids to God. Instead of using our time for pleasure, we offer our time to him in service. Instead of orienting our life around acquiring wealth, we recognize our possessions are gifts from him to be used for him. Instead of finding our identity and value in our work, we see doing good work as part of a way to point people to Jesus. We give God all these areas and more, like school, relationships, five-year plans, career goals and travel plans. We place them under his rule.


Ask God right now to show you what area of your life you need to place under his rule. Think through some of the options like work, money, school, travel or relationships. Return to that prayer later today and as you go to bed. Look for ways he may reveal the answer to you in the next few days.

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