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November 12 | He Makes Us Clean

November 12, 2020


And wherever he went—into villages, towns or countryside—they placed the sick in the marketplaces. They begged him to let them touch even the edge of his cloak, and all who touched it were healed. Mark 6:56

Read: Mark 6:53-56

Listen: Mark 6


Everyone crowds the marketplace to fulfill their needs. Religious elites and spiritual outcasts rub shoulder,s touching all the same items as they shop for food and goods. The religious leaders fear physical contact with someone or something unclean could transfer as spiritual contamination. Jesus freely enters the marketplace, allowing anyone to touch him. His touch brings physical and spiritual healing. He willingly reaches out to welcome the spiritually contaminated. His cleanness transfers to make them whole.

Jesus doesn’t fear our sin and shame. Our uncleanness doesn’t scare him off. He willingly comes to us in the midst of our messes and offers to heal. His cleanness transfers to us through his blood shed on the cross. Through his sinless life, death and resurrection he takes all of our sin and shame and washes it clean.

We don’t have to clean ourselves up before coming to Jesus. His role is to make us clean and whole. We can’t do it on our own. Jesus invites us to come to him with our mess, hurt and shame. “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). Watch this video clip below as Pastor Jeff Manion explains how much we need a clean heart.


Have you asked Jesus for forgiveness and cleansing of your sin? If not, come to him today. You could pray, “Jesus, I believe only you can cleanse me from my sin. I need your forgiveness. I invite you to come into my life and make me whole. Amen.” While he has forgiven our sin once and for all, we will still struggle. Jesus invites us to come each day to repent from (turn away) our sin and seek his help to live clean before him. If you have questions about what it means to have Jesus cleanse your sin, email us at

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