Beyond the Weekend

February 2 | Where is Your Hope?

February 2, 2021


Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. 1 Timothy 6:18

Read: 1 Timothy 6:17-19
1 Timothy 6


Paul addresses the more affluent members when he writes to the church in Ephesus. Unique in the ancient world, Ephesus was like Hong Kong, London or New York now. It was one of the few places in the world with massive trade opportunities to buy just about anything from anywhere in the Mediterranean world. It would be easy in this wealthy city for some of its members to put their hope in their stuff instead of God, the giver. This is why Paul points their attention to hope. He wants them to really consider where their hope comes from.

This leads us to the first question to ask ourselves this week, “Where is my hope?” Pastor Jeff Manion reminded us this weekend about how easy it is to chase after hope in other things. It might be a new car, a promotion, a number to hit in our bank accounts or a different house. We can convince ourselves that once we get it, then we will be enough because we will be somebody.

The way out of this in part comes from looking at the end of 1 Timothy 6:17. We are to put our hope in God who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. When we experience joy in this world, we should hear the voice of our God saying to us, “Enjoy this.” He wants us to enjoy a new house, car or promotion. But these things are terrible places to put our ultimate hope. Hope is found in God alone.


Reflect on where your hope is today. Be honest with yourself. Pray a prayer like this, “God, I acknowledge that my hope is not all in you. Please help me put my hope in you and notice when my longings become out of place.” Then commit to reading Beyond the Weekend the next few days as we look at two more questions to help us guard our hearts.


Join us this year as we read through the New Testament.

Today’s reading is Matthew 22.

Download a printable PDF of the BTW week here.


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